Service Rates

Rates Effective July 2014


Hourly Rates

Carpentry   $65.00
Electrical   $75.00
Electronic   $70.00
Fabrication/Machine   $70.00
Mechanical   $70.00
IT (Computer)   $85.00
Spray Paint & Fiberglass   $70.00
Refrigeration/Air Conditioning   $80.00
Rigging   $70.00
Varnish   $60.00
Yard   $60.00
Cleaning/Dock Labor   $45.00
Crane + Operator   $100.00
Forklift/Scissor Lift + Operator   $150.00
Mobile Boat Hoist + Operator   $200.00
Boat/Operator   $100.00

Other Services

Frame/Cover   Time & Materials
Shrink Wrap Disposal Fee   $120.00
Paint Bottom   Time & Materials
Pressure Wash Bottom   $2.00/LF
Clean & Polish Topsides   Time & Materials
Raising/Lowering Power boat mast   Time & Materials
Locker Rental   $350.00/Season
Move Boat to/from mooring   $70.00/Trip

Haul and Launch 

(Includes Blocking & Pressure Wash)

Hauling Up to 50 (Mono Hull)’   $13.50/LF
Hauling(Multi Hull) ’50 - 65’   Call for Estimate
Hauling Over 65’   Quoted
Short Haul   Quoted

Click here to view our storage rates.

Click here to view our dockage rates.

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