Chief Executive Officer

Susan Howland


Susan joined Wayfarer in April of 2007 as Wayfarer's Chief Financial Officer. She took over the helm as CEO in December 2009. Susan's passion for customer service and her leadership have had a positive impact, which in turn has helped Wayfarer grow despite the tough economic conditions. Under Susan's leadership, the company adopted Wayfarer's Core Values in December 2009 and was awarded the Pine Tree Zone designation in 2010 by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development. Wayfarer expanded its boat storage capacity in 2010 with the purchase of 6.8 acres of land in Camden and a 10,000 sq.ft. heated storage facility. In addition in 2011, Wayfarer completed construction a new 6,000 square foot storage building in the Bean Yard to accommodate the influx of new storage customers. Susan is a newcomer to the industry, but is a fast study. She embraces the challenge a boatyard brings and loves the customer interaction. Previously, Susan held various leadership positions with two of the nation's largest banks during her 13 years in the banking industry, ending her career in 2006 as a Senior Vice President with Bank of America. Susan graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with her bachelor's degree in Economics and International Relations and then returned to complete her Masters in Economics in 1995. Susan was co-chair of the Camden Downtown Business Group and led the working group that recommended creation of CEDAC and the hiring of a full-time Economic Development Director for the town of Camden. In 2010, she was elected to serve on the board of the Maine Marine Trades Association for a three year term. In 2013 Susan joined the board of the Penobscot Valley YMCA.  Susan is a former board member of 63 Washington St. and previously served on the advisory board for the University of Maine Business School. When not working and attending board meetings Susan also coaches her daughter's basketball team. Susan is an avid runner and lives in Camden with her family.  


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