Wayfarer's Fabrication Services

Stainless Steel Turning Block Mount - Fabricated by Wayfarer 2009


Delivering excellence while working cleanly

Wayfarer's talented Fabrication crew can provide its services to both Wayfarer clients and outside customers such as contractors, companies or individuals.   We pride ourselves on delivering top quality fabrication work while working cleanly and safely. We take extra effort to protect the surfaces we are working on and around.  We are experienced at working cleanly in finished areas.  In fact, working clean is our specialty.  If you require a weld in a finished area, contact Wayfarer.  You will be glad you did.  We offer a wide range of fabrication services and feel confident that our flexible, courteous and professional staff will more than satisfy your needs. Our crew has over 50 years of combined experience, below is a listing of our services.  However, we specialize in the unexpected and are willing to accept unique requests.
Wayfarer's Fabrication Services
  • Certified pipe welding
  • Certified structural welding
  • Portable unit for work outside the shop
  • Specialists in railing work
  • Frame and tube bending
  • Blacksmith services
  • Efficiently machine specialized parts
  • Work closely with on-site certified naval architect to ensure products are delivered to the highest standards

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